Deploy your Rails 3 applications à la Heroku with Inploy

I’m not a fan of Heroku‘s deployment way, but I know that many people is and that many of them don’t know that with Inploy you can deploy your Rails 3 applications in a similar way.

Thomas Ritz contributed with Inploy creating a template called rails3_push. The template modifies Inploy so it creates a repository in the server on setup and pushes to it on every update, being followed by all the tasks that it executes by default on every deploy.

In order to use this template, like any other, you must specify it in the deploy.rb file:

template = :rails3_push
application = "tweerer"
hosts = %w(...)

After that, to setup your server and to deploy to it, you can execute respectively the following commands:

inploy setup

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11 thoughts on “Deploy your Rails 3 applications à la Heroku with Inploy

  1. i dont understand the win of this method vs the heroku push (one line) , Inploy is really great tool, but it dont make sense for heroku deployment IMHO.

    best regards

  2. @michelsongs

    this template is not for deploying to Heroku, is for deploying to a VPS (for example) in the same way people deploy to Heroku. This means that the user, in order to deploy, can execute:

    git push origin master

    or just


    In the last case, the command ‘inploy’ just executes ‘git push origin master’.

    The good thing about the last case is that the process is transparent to the deployer, he don’t need to care about which template is Inploy using.

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